Email Marketing & Automation

King Tide is a proven leader in email marketing. We have an average email open rate of 30%+ across our large client base, which is nearly double the industry standard. We’ve worked with everyone from small businesses and startups to Fortune 500 companies looking for a fresh approach to consumer outreach. We understand the power of communication and look forward to introducing you to a whole new set of customers.


Research & Planning

The first in developing a good email marketing strategy is by reviewing any existing campaigns. We will try and find patterns of success and see what has worked well in the past. If there are no past campaigns, we will look at competitor emails and find trends that work well in the industry. Once research is complete, we will develop a strategy that fits your industry standards and business needs.

Content Creation

There are several things to keep in mind when creating email marketing content. We have found the most effective way to communicate through this medium is by following a simple set of standards: Short, Snappy, Memorable. Our writers produce clean and concise content, giving readers just what they need to take the next step and follow links in your emails.

Nick Greeninger

King Tide was a tremendous help in expediting our design and marketing efforts. What would have taken me months they were able to accomplish in a matter of days with all of the talented resources they have!

Email Cohort Analysis

King Tide's Cohort Analysis allows you to see how one group of subscribers behaves differently from another, since not all customers act the same. We will analyze your customer email database and create cohorts for these groups so you can market to them in a unique way, making the most of your email marketing campaigns.

Schedule & Goals

As the saying goes, too much of a good thing can be bad. King Tide will determine how often to send email blasts based on your business model and email open rate. We will also schedule everything to be sent at previously agreed upon times so you’re never caught off-guard or something is dispatched in a dead period, such as a holiday weekend.

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