The goal of King Tide's DevOps/Infrastructure team is to deliver high performing digital products and scalable applications at a high velocity. We do this through engineering cultural principles and leveraging tools and software that improve the foundational layer and management of sprint planning process.



Marketing and operations teams have requests coming in that engineering can't adapt quickly enough? DevOps/Infrastructure allows your developers and operations teams to grow more efficiently to achieve these results.

Improved Collaboration

Build more effective teams using King Tide's DevOps model, emphasizing our values of collaboration, accountability and excellence. We let our developers set expectations and provide estimates rather than operations, reducing delayed projects or missed deadlines. It's call buy-in.

Ron Levy

The King Tide engineers are incredible, affordable and have tons of experience building digital products. They truly act as part of your team and help you think through critical business decisions.

Infrastructure as Code

King Tide's engineering team uses software development practices like version control and continuous integration to improve infrastructure using code.

Monitoring and Logging

You can't improve what you measure. Your products and digital solutions need to monitor metrics and logs to see how applications performance impacts the experience of their company's customers.

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