Project Mgmt, Training & Support

It takes a crew to navigate the choppy waters of digital product development. With every project, King Tide has at least one dedicated project manager who runs point, filtering all communication and assigning tasks to the team.


Sprint Planning

King Tide follows an agile development methodology where a product owner identifies the backlog of tasks (features/bugs) that should be implement during every cycle. Our cycles range between 1-4 weeks, and sprints give us the ability to track and measure the work we do.

Weekly Updates

At the end of every week, our project management team provides updates via email outlining everything that is complete, in progress, and requires input. We take this process seriously based on our core values of transparency and accountability.

Stacy Matuson

My experience with King Tide was an excellent one! They developed a clean, innovative website and online program structure that fit all of my needs and vision. Their team is bar none creative, fast-producing, 5 star professionals.

Ticketing System

We use a combination of tools to manage requests from our partners. We use Zendesk for maintenance requests like bug fixes, and a shared Monday board for new features like landing pages. You have access to both of these to track and provide input to our team.

Training and Support

Our team is your team, and we're here to help you grow. If you're interested in learning how to male updates in the backend or need to bring on customer support reps, we can train them on how the gears function, and are available to answer questions.

Let’s Build Together