Super Admins & Dashboard

Our engineering team has specialized in developing super admins and dashboards to help businesses track the metrics that matter most to them. We can help display data in the form of tables, line charts, bar charts and gauges. This real-time monitoring reduces overhead of analyzing information and gives decision-makers the ability to monitor company performance.


Database Management

The most important function of a super admin is the ability for the business to manage the database, including customers, payment, projects, and user roles and permissions. Our team can create super admins ranging from limited functionality to robust analytics as a standalone project or part of a larger scope.

Ron Levy

The King Tide engineers are incredible, affordable and have tons of experience building digital products. They truly act as part of your team and help you think through critical business decisions.

KPI Dashboard

King Tide's product, design and engineers develop robust data dashboard that visually tracks, analyzes and displays key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics and other key data points for the business. We can customize these depending on the needs of the business, and connect all of the backed to the appropriate files, services and API's.

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