System Architecture

While the output of a system architecture may be simple conceptual model that defines the structure, behavior, and views of a product, the thinking behind the diagram is where the real work happens. King Tide's system architects will work with your team to craft the fundamental organization of a system, including the internal components, 3rd party systems, and how they all interact in their environment.


System Components

The first step in building a system architecture is to under the needs of the platform, and how individual components can fulfill certain requirements. We will help you identify, vet and weight the benefits of different solutions before making a decision.

API Development

With a clear understanding of the different components, including 3rd party services, our API Developers will construct an API that consumes the right information and we can design a front-facing system to visualize the different hooks.

Ron Levy

The King Tide engineers are incredible, affordable and have tons of experience building digital products. They truly act as part of your team and help you think through critical business decisions.

Conceptual Model

Once we have a clearly defined system, our design team will create a conceptual model that visualizes the structure and behavior of your digital product. In essence, we add circles and squares to simplify what is often a robust system.

System Architecture Documentation

No product is ever complete without proper documentation. This is often the first step for us in taking over a pre-existing product, and the last step in our discovery if we're building a product from the ground up. This includes environment setup, 3rd party systems, credentials, and deployment process.

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